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Peter Hansch, PhD, MBA, President and CEO

Peter Hansch, PhD, MBA
President and CEO

"If you don't aim for perfection, you can never achieve excellence" – these words are evident in every aspect of Dr. Hansch's business philosophy and provide the foundation of our company's success. His professional endeavors are supported by an impressive academic background including a doctoral degree in laser physics and an MBA from The Ohio State University where he also received the university's prestigious Leadership Award. In addition, Dr. Hansch possesses extensive hands-on business experience and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to provide outstanding customer service. His business career began as a teenager when he started his first company, the Kangarangs Boomerang Company. After earning his Ph.D., he joined Siemens Management Consulting and led client teams on international consulting projects in the U.S. and Germany. During this time, Dr. Hansch realized the important role that visually effective presentations play in the success of a business. He founded Executive Graphics, Inc. to help his clients optimize their business communications. With his in-depth knowledge of clients' needs, his dedication to quality, and his commitment to supporting the professional development of each Executive Graphics employee, Dr. Hansch leads the Executive Graphics team in maintaining the company's uncompromising level of excellence.
Dr. Hansch is a consultant to some of the world's largest companies in electrical engineering, logistics, and homeland security. In addition, he is a Director at Bridgewater Family Health and serves on the Board of Trustees of the German School of Central New Jersey.

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